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ADHD is one of the most UNDERdiagnosed and MISdiagnosed disorders in our society today. Today’s healthcare system has forced many primary care doctors to see up to 40+ patients a day. Pressed for time, today’s pediatricians and family doctors have less and less time to spend with their patients – sometimes insufficient time to thoroughly assess and treat ADHD, muchless other factors that may be contributing to a child or adolescent’s behavior. As a result, ADHD is sometimes missed or inappropriately diagnosed. Contributing factors (stress, conflicts in relationships, anxiety, depression, etc.) are sometimes overlooked.

Ideally, the evaluation and treatment of ADHD involves a thorough evaluation by an experienced medical professional who has time to listen to a person’s story, gather information from family members, and differentiate ADHD from other factors that may contribute to ADHD symptoms, such as stress, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, etc. Advanced computerized testing and/or neuropsychiatric testing is sometimes required to confirm an accurate diagnosis.

At Next Step 4 ADHD, our doctors and nurse practitioners have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating ADHD and related disorders.

We spend extensive time with each INDIVIDUAL patient to ensure an accurate diagnosis and a complete understanding of the problems an individual is struggling with.

We gather information from family members and coordinate with teachers to ensure that all persons whose lives are affected understand our patients’ struggles and how to work around the limitations. Note: some patients (e.g. Adults) prefer to keep their struggle with ADHD private and in those cases we honor the request and maintain strict confidentiality.

We utilize evidence-based treatments, medications, and therapies to provide an optimal level of comprehensive and effective care.

When necessary, we coordinate with ADHD life coaches, neuropsychologists, therapists, social workers, and other non-medical professionals who may provide additional help, and will direct you to the professionals who are exceptionally skilled.

When caring for children or adolescents with ADHD, we work with parents to ensure they fully understand their children’s difficulties and what they can do to help.

Experience Lasting Change