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ADHD Strength of Curiosity

How the ADHD Strength of Curiosity Helps You ‘Harness the Wind’ By Keri Knight – September 16, 2019 Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Curiosity is defined as a strong desire to know or learn something. If you’re a parent of a child with ADHD you are well … Continue reading “ADHD Strength of Curiosity”

A Better Way to Treat ADHD

Generally speaking, ADHD is expensive.  A recent article published by Attitude Magazine — a leading and respected magazine for people struggling with ADHD — identified that the average adult with ADHD spends thousands of dollars each year trying to treat the condition (1). This estimate does not include the costs of the effects of ADHD … Continue reading “A Better Way to Treat ADHD”

Can You Really Outgrow ADHD?

A common misunderstanding we often hear is that, once a person reaches adulthood, they can outgrow ADHD. This is a myth, and unfortunately, the medical community is partly to blame. In the 1970s and 1980s, physicians often told parents that their child would outgrow ADHD. This assurance was based on the medical community’s shared belief … Continue reading “Can You Really Outgrow ADHD?”

Traveling with a Pre-School Age Hyperactive Child Abroad

This summer my wife, Kristi Briscoe, M.D., and I brought our two boys along with us on a 10-day trip abroad to Paris and Southern France. Our oldest, “E” is seven and was very excited to see “mummies” and several other items of interest in the Louvre. “E” had never traveled abroad, but had done … Continue reading “Traveling with a Pre-School Age Hyperactive Child Abroad”

Choosing a Medical Professional to Evaluate for ADHD in a Preschooler

ADHD can be diagnosed by psychologists, family doctors, general pediatricians, developmental pediatricians and psychiatrists. Accurate diagnosis takes time (often greater than 60-90 minutes) and many medical practices are logistically unable to allow adequate time for these evaluations. Ideally, the professional will have adequate time to perform a detailed parent and child evaluation, perform a thorough … Continue reading “Choosing a Medical Professional to Evaluate for ADHD in a Preschooler”

At what Age Should Children Be Treated for ADHD?

No matter what age symptoms of ADHD appear, treatment with either therapy or medication should be considered if a child is experiencing impairment, or lack of success, in either the home or the school environment. The goal of ADHD treatment is to help children be successful at both home and school, and prevent significant negative … Continue reading “At what Age Should Children Be Treated for ADHD?”

High Function People Can Have ADHD Too

There’s a common assumption that high functioning individuals who hold high functioning jobs like attorneys, doctors, and executives can’t have ADHD. Many people wrongly assume that people who are high functioning couldn’t have made it through professional training programs and other rigorous educational systems with ADHD. However, this simply is not true. I treat a … Continue reading “High Function People Can Have ADHD Too”

ADHD and Marriage

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Did you know? ADHD can wreck havoc in a marriage. Oftentimes, when a spouse struggles with ADHD – and consequently leaves multiple tasks half-finished, fails to meet deadlines, has difficulty managing time, ‘drops the ball’ on responsibilities repeatedly – it can cause resentment in the spouse who does not have ADHD. Not fully understanding the etiology … Continue reading “ADHD and Marriage”

How to Manage a Hyperactive Child at an Amusement Park

Taking a hyperactive child to amusement park or on a Disney vacation can be a challenge. But it can also be quite enjoyable if you plan well, stay flexible, and maintain a healthy mindset. This past October we had the opportunity to take our two children to Disney World in Orlando Florida. Our youngest, who … Continue reading “How to Manage a Hyperactive Child at an Amusement Park”

Cognitive and Psychological Testing for Children and Adolescents

If you’re the parent of a child who’s going to school, you’re probably already used to the flurry of activities that they go through every day. There are new friends whose names you need to remember, appointments with teachers, and of course, there’s all of the homework that needs to be done. When it comes … Continue reading “Cognitive and Psychological Testing for Children and Adolescents”