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Our Mission is to help you, or your child, live life optimally. We want you to thrive, not just survive! We provide you and your family everything you need to Experience Lasting Change while living with ADHD.

We are committed to building a brighter future for you, or your loved one. We are trusted by our clients to provide the most timely, comprehensive, “all under one roof” and best fit combination of services for the treatment of ADHD.  Our team is here to motivate, inspire and guide you toward success. We are with you every step of the way.

Our clients are front-and-center at Next Step 4 ADHD. We are committed to exceeding your expectations for either yourself, or your child. At Next Step, you can count on a team of genuine, committed, caring and knowledgeable healthcare professionals to provide you with treatment that helps you take control of the future and thrive.

Our Approach to Effective ADHD Treatment

ADHD is complex, your treatment professional's experience and approach play a significant role in your, or your child's ability to achieve and sustain success. While medication can make a difference, pills don’t build the skills. You need more than meds to successfully reshape old habits into better more successful behaviors.
We want you and/or your child, to Experience Lasting Change. The type of change that will help grow the family member with ADHD into the person they were meant to be.
Comprehensive ADHD care makes a world of difference in how someone progresses toward and sustains their best self. At Next Step 4 ADHD, we help all of our clients receive some element of comprehensive care. If you are still just taking medication, we want you to know there is a more effective solution. A solution that provides you with access to Comprehensive ADHD care and can make it as affordable as your current treatment regime. Next Step has options for care that help you get the treatment you, or child need, when and where you want it.
Our approach to effective ADHD treatment can involve custom fit plans that rely on various combinations of medication, coaching, education and ongoing support. Over the years, we found that ADHD treatment is optimized when people leverage all, or at least some combination of the 5 Core Components.

We realize that life is hectic and sometimes busyness can make it feel as though the treatment you need is out of reach. The good news is that our programs can scale with you; we meet you where you are along your ADHD journey. We are flexible enough to move with you and provide the right combination of services based on your goals, preferences and needs. This is how and why our ADHD treatment plans remain a constant and value-added resource for our clients.

Why We Believe in Comprehensive ADHD Care

Each of our core components have a very specific way of helping treat people with ADHD. When they are put together, our clients will Experience the Lasting Change they want. This optimal treatment is engaging, comprehensive, and sustained (not just prescription medication). The comprehensive approach can significantly increase your chances of success and maximize your ability to achieve your full potential.

Through years of researching and implementing ADHD treatment options, we discovered several factors that typically prevent adults, children, and families from getting the help that they need to manage their ADHD. A thorough examination of the pain-points of comprehensive care reveal some evident truths. The hard but evident truths that prevent healthcare professionals from providing you with the comprehensive ADHD treatment you need are:

    • Lack of availability of ADHD Experts, which leads to:
      • General ADHD treatment that is not as effective
      • Medication adjusting over time, leaving the client with suboptimal results
      • Not enough time spent with patients to provide consistent goal-setting, coaching, education, support and medication management
    • Treatment is disjointed across multiple providers, which leads to:
      • Inconvenience of dealing with multiple providers in different locations
      • Hassel of coordinating treatment on your own
      • Suffering from misaligned treatment, which can make things worse, not better
    • High-cost and Low Value Perception, which leads to:
      • Regular visits to multiple providers, which can drive the costs of ADHD treatment up
      • High cost of comprehensive care, along with the suboptimal performance of disjointed and inconvenient care, which can create low value perception

Solving these problems is the very reason we exist.  Our sole purpose is to provide you with the best and most consistent way to treat your ADHD.

We strive to provide you with the comprehensive care you need, when and where you want it. At Next Step 4 ADHD, you have

    • Access to an entire team of ADHD Experts
    • Monthly, Weekly and Daily events and touch-points to engage with our professionals
    • Comprehensive ‘all under one roof’ ADHD treatment
    • The simplicity and convenience of a “one stop shop” treatment facility for ADHD
    • Confidence your treatment is cohesive, setting you up for optimal success
    • The best value-for-your money treatment available

Our Focus on Value

Our team is made up of a group of people not unlike yourself, we know and understand that you get what you pay for in life. We have high expectations of the people who provide ADHD treatment to us and our loved ones. That’s right, many Next Step professionals, or someone in their family, also have ADHD. We know the pain-points that arise from the lack of quality treatment available, or the let-down of the latest and greatest solution that was supposed to work and didn’t.

Every person on our team wakes up every day thinking of you and your family, ready to provide you with an exceptional treatment experience. We push ourselves to stay ahead of the curve on the latest information, techniques, technology, and medicine available to improve your treatment. We also find consistency in our tried and true methods that continue to get results year after year.

One thing is certain, we are constantly learning and then adapting our products and services to offer you the most value for the money you spend on ADHD.

It is no secret that consumers are spending more and more each year on medication or therapy alone. Out-of-pocket costs for medication management alone are $1,493 per year for Adults and $2,125 for children.  Between therapy/coaching and appointments for medication, the average adult with ADHD will spend $4,373.00 to $6,893.00 a year.

If you are a parent with a child who has ADHD, you could spend $5,005 to $7,525 a year.  This does notinclude the additional hundreds and thousands of dollars people with ADHD tend to spend on non-medical expenses such as books, gadgets, apps, vitamins, private schools and tutors, support groups, self-help materials and parenting classes.

We created a place where clients can receive everything they need to successfully treat their ADHD, while also ensuring their money is well spent.

Our Membership Program

We understand that frustrated feeling you get when you spend your money on treatment that doesn’t work.   We want to help you go from feelings of frustration to a feeling of triumph.  Our membership programs are one way we can provide any member of your family access to the resources and treatment needed, but at a more budget friendly value.  When you join Next Step 4 ADHD, you become part of a community of ADHD Super Heroes. We prepare ADHDers to tackle their biggest challenges, gather strength from each other and boldly begin their journey toward living their best life yet.

Please schedule an appointment today to see what it would take for you to become a member. As a member, you gain access to many ADHD treatment options and services, you might find difficult to get elsewhere. We also want nothing more than for our members to receive comprehensive effective ADHD treatment at a reasonable cost.  At Next Step 4 ADHD, you have the tools and resources to help you Experience Lasting Change.

We invite you to learn why we're different and how the Next Step approach may be the best solution for you. Contact us at (502) 907-5908, or use our convenient form.  We're ready to walk with you as you take this important Next Step.

Experience Lasting Change