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Frequently Asked Questions about Next Step 4 ADHD

  • Do you accept insurance?

We do not a participate with any managed care plan. There are many reasons we don't, such as protecting your privacy and structuring treatment based on your needs rather than what insurance companies dictate. We believe that by using a membership model, we are able to provide the comprehensive treatment that people with ADHD need in a way that makes it affordable by spreading out the cost for you. Additionally, insurance does not cover coaching, which is a very important part of helping people manage ADHD.

  • Do we offer one on one therapy options outside of medication management?

Our program is designed in a way that allows our members to receive everything they need to help them manage their ADHD.  Research shows that medication combined with other forms of treatment works best for people with ADHD. We believe that a comprehensive approach, utilizing our 5 core components, will enable you to create and experience lasting change.

  • Does Next Step 4ADHD prescribe ADHD medication?

Yes.  Medication is often the first line of treatment for ADHD. It's effective and can be life changing. However, medication alone is not enough.  The combination of our 5 core components, which includes medication, is what will improve your quality of life.  We work hard to provide our members with a thorough assessment to evaluate their ADHD before prescribing medication.

  • Do you offer ADHD Testing?

Yes.  We do have the resources to provide testing to our members, if we see this as something that is needed.  We are happy to be providing this service at a discounted rate for our members, as well as testing for learning disorders.

  • Can APRNs prescribe medication?

Yes.  APRNs and Nurse Practitioners can prescribe medication.  Our Nurse Practitioners are specialized in the treatment of ADHD.

  • Do you see Medicare or Medicaid Patients?

We do not accept Medicare nor Medicaid as a form of payment. However, we will be happy to refer to a Medicare/Medicaid provider.

  • Can I pay for my care at Next Step 4ADHD with my Health Savings or Flexible Savings Account?

We believe the services we offer satisfy the IRS guidelines to be qualified medical expenses eligible for payment with funds from your HSA and/or FSA account.  The services are medically necessary to treat ADHD and we are happy to provide a letter of medical necessity upon your request.  However, for liability purposes, we do not make any assurances or representations regarding tax questions and recommend that you consult with your employer, HSA administrator, or qualified tax advisor for the appropriate guidance.


Send us a confidential request to speak with someone at Next Step 4 ADHD. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and to begin helping you to become the person you were meant to be.

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