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Support and accountability are imperative to successfully managing ADHD. Not only do we provide the support of coaching and prescribers, but we have built-in support through our Member Advocate. (describe the Member Advocate role and how it helps the Member).

Additionally, we offer individual check-ins every six months to celebrate progress and to adjust treatment goals. We also provide automated appointment reminders, convenient ways to schedule to remove barriers to treatment (ex., email and online scheduling instead of having to pick up the phone to make a call), and support and accountability that’s built into the coaching groups and programs.

We are connected to an extensive referral network and can assist individuals and/or their family members with receiving help outside of ADHD treatment. We can provide full neuropsychological testing if needed. We can refer out to our partners for conditions and disorders, and other helpful treatment modalities like occupational therapy, speech therapy, tutoring, etc. Sometimes, therapy is needed to help people with ADHD overcome a lifetime of challenges that affect how they feel about themselves and how they interact with others. It can help reduce shame and guilt, increase self-compassion and acceptance, and replace negativity and pessimism with thinking that is more positive and affirming.

While we believe in the power of therapy to help people transform, we also believe in providing treatment options that are convenient, flexible, and affordable than the traditional 1:1 therapy model. This can be costly and time-consuming for people. Our program allows members to receive the majority of what they need to help them successfully manage their ADHD without having to see a therapist regularly. If therapy is needed then we are connected to a network of providers who can assist with couples or family therapy, and this can be done in most cases while simultaneously working individually on ADHD treatment goals.

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