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Why We Believe in Comprehensive ADHD Care

More Than Just Medication

Each of our core components have a very specific way of helping treat people with ADHD. We believe when they are put together, our clients will Experience the Lasting Change they want. This optimal treatment is engaging, comprehensive, and sustained (not just prescription medication). The comprehensive approach can significantly increase your chances of success and maximize your ability to achieve your full potential.

Through years of researching and implementing ADHD treatment options, we discovered several factors that typically prevent adults, children, and families from getting the help that they need to manage their ADHD. A thorough examination of the pain-points of comprehensive care reveal some evident truths. The hard but evident truths that prevent healthcare professionals from providing you with the comprehensive ADHD treatment you need are:

    • Lack of availability of ADHD Experts, which leads to:
      • General ADHD treatment that is not as effective
      • Medication adjusting over time, leaving the client with suboptimal results
      • Not enough time spent with patients to provide consistent assessment goal-setting, coaching, education, support and medication management
    • Treatment is disjointed across multiple providers, which leads to the
      • Inconvenience of dealing with multiple providers in different locations
      • Hassel of coordinating treatment on your own
      • Suffering from misaligned treatment, which can make things worse, not better
    • High-cost and Low Value Perception
      • Regular visits to multiple providers can drive the costs of ADHD treatment up
      • The high cost of comprehensive care, along with the suboptimal performance of disjointed and inconvenient care, can create low value perception

Solving these problems is the very reason we exist.  Our sole purpose is to provide you with the best and most consistent way to treat your ADHD.

The journey towards a happy and successful life begins with the proper diagnosis and a plan to deal with the issues in a healthy and effective way.

Benefits of Our Program

We strive to provide you with the comprehensive care you need, when and where you want it. At Next Step 4 ADHD, you have

      • Access to an entire team of ADHD Experts
      • Daily events and touch-points to engage with our professionals
      • Comprehensive ‘all under one roof’ ADHD treatment
      • The simplicity and convenience of a “one stop shop” treatment facility for ADHD
      • Confidence your treatment is cohesive, setting you up for optimal success
      • The best value-for-your money treatment available

Experience Lasting Change