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a Better Way to Treat ADHD by reducing the cost of treatmentGenerally speaking, ADHD is expensive.  A recent article published by Attitude Magazine — a leading and respected magazine for people struggling with ADHD — identified that the average adult with ADHD spends thousands of dollars each year trying to treat the condition (1).

This estimate does not include the costs of the effects of ADHD on career, income, and academic advancement/achievement:

Here are the Facts

  • Untreated adults with ADHD lost an average of 22 days of productivity per year. (2)
  • Adults with ADHD earn, on average, $5,000-10,000 less annually than their colleagues without ADHD. (2)
  • Some studies even estimate that annual incomes of persons with untreated ADHD are 20-33% less than peers/colleagues without ADHD. (3)
  • Adults with ADHD are eighteen times more likely to be disciplined at work for difficulties with productivity or other problems. (2)
  • Adults with ADHD are 60% more likely to lose their jobs. (2)
  • The total cost of ADHD to the U.S. economy in terms of lost productivity and income is estimated to be $87 billion-$138 billion per year. (3)
  • Spillover costs borne by the family members of individuals with ADHD were also substantial ($33 billion-$43 billion). (3)

Academic Challenges

People with ADHD experience significant academic difficulty.

  • 32.2% of students with ADHD drop out of high school as compared to 15% of teens with no psychiatric disorder. (4)
  • In one study, only 15% of people with ADHD hold a 4-year degree as compared to 48% of people without ADHD (the control group in this study). (5)
  • Only 0.06% held a graduate degree compared to 5.4% of the control group. (5)

We Have a Better Way to Treat ADHD

  • Treatment can help reduce the lifetime costs of ADHD.
  • The right kind of treatment — treatment that is engaging, comprehensive and sustained - not just prescription medication — can significantly increase your chances of success and maximize your ability to achieve your full potential in life.

If you or your loved one is struggling with ADHD, our team of experts at Next Step 4 ADHD is here to help. We offer the resources crucial when it comes to improving adult, teen and adolescent ADHD issues, comprehensive treatment and support that creates lasting change.


We can help you with the costs of medicine, too!

Ready to Find a Better Way to Treat ADHD?

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If don’t seek help from us, please consider getting help elsewhere.

ADHD is very treatable. We have personally witnessed dramatic improvement in many individuals' and families’ lives and careers, once they have made the decision to invest in their own treatment and in their future. 




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