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High Function People Can Have ADHD Too

There’s a common assumption that high functioning individuals who hold high functioning jobs like attorneys, doctors, and executives can’t have ADHD. Many people wrongly assume that people who are high functioning couldn’t have made it through professional training programs and other rigorous educational systems with ADHD. However, this simply is not true. I treat a … Continue reading “High Function People Can Have ADHD Too”

ADHD and Marriage

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Did you know? ADHD can wreck havoc in a marriage. Oftentimes, when a spouse struggles with ADHD – and consequently leaves multiple tasks half-finished, fails to meet deadlines, has difficulty managing time, ‘drops the ball’ on responsibilities repeatedly – it can cause resentment in the spouse who does not have ADHD. Not fully understanding the etiology … Continue reading “ADHD and Marriage”

My child has ADHD. Could I have ADHD also?

It is not uncommon for a parent to approach me and ask me if they might have ADHD after their child has been diagnosed. ADHD is a genetic condition. When it exists in one family member, it can oftentimes be found in siblings, parents, and even grandparents. If your child has ADHD and you seem … Continue reading “My child has ADHD. Could I have ADHD also?”