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Why We’re Different

In researching ADHD treatment options, we discovered several factors that typically prevent adults, children, and families from getting the help that they need to manage their ADHD. Two of these things really stand out to us:  effective treatment options and costs.  This is why our practice developed a new membership program to help families and loved ones experience lasting change.

Effective Treatment

The first issue is that people are often trying to treat their ADHD with medication alone.  While medication is effective, what is more effective is a approach involving these 5 Core Components:


Each of our core components have a very specific way of helping treat people with ADHD.  We believe when they are put together, our clients will experience lasting change.  They'll receive the right kind of treatment.  Optimal treatment is engaging, comprehensive, and sustained (not just prescription medication).  This comprehensive approach can significantly increase your chances of success and maximize your ability to achieve your full potential.

Cost Savings

The second issue that stood out is the amount of money consumers are spending on medication or therapy alone. Research shows, the average out of pocket costs for an adult with ADHD is $1,493 per year and $2,125 for children.  These are just the numbers for medication management.

Between therapy/coaching and appointments for medication, the average adult person with ADHD will spend $4,373.00 to $6,893.00 a year.

If you are a parent with a child who has ADHD, you could spend $5,005 to $7,525 a year.  This does not include the additional hundreds of dollars people with ADHD tend to spend on non-medical expenses such as books, gadgets, apps, vitamins, private schools and tutors, support groups, self help materials and parenting classes.

 Our goal from the beginning has been to create a place where clients can receive everything they need, in order to be successful in treating their ADHD.


Our Membership Program

We understand the financial part of having ADHD can be draining.   We decided we could help reduce the financial burden of having ADHD by creating a membership program.   Our members pay a monthly fee and receive everything they need to experience lasting change.

Please schedule an appointment today to see what it would take for you to become a member.  We want nothing more than for our members to receive effective treatment at a reasonable cost.  More importantly, we want you to feel like you have the tools and resources to help you on your journey.

We invite you to learn why we're different and how this unique approach may be the best solution for you. Contact us using our convenient form, or simply give us a call at (502) 907-5908.  We're ready to walk with you.


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