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ADHD and Marriage

Did you know? ADHD can wreck havoc in a marriage.

Oftentimes, when a spouse struggles with ADHD – and consequently leaves multiple tasks half-finished, fails to meet deadlines, has difficulty managing time, ‘drops the ball’ on responsibilities repeatedly – it can cause resentment in the spouse who does not have ADHD. Not fully understanding the etiology of their spouses struggle, the spouse without ADHD can oftentimes attribute their spouses’ failures as laziness, character flaw, or even passive aggression – leading to resentment and anger that can poison the marital relationship. The spouse with ADHD, on the other hand, may develop a sense of shame and guilt over his or her failures, and may come to resent their spouse when their failures are pointed out.

This is a VERY common pattern in marriages that are affected with ADHD, and it is not uncommon for marriages to end as a result of ADHD, or for marriages to exist in a perpetually miserable state.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Treatment for ADHD can help not just the person with the disorder, but the non-ADHD spouse as well – who can develop a deeper understanding of the disorder, how it affects the person they love, and how they can better respond and adapt to their loved-one’s struggles.

ADHD Marriage

Here is a helpful resource to learn more about the effect of ADHD on marriage:

At Next Step ADHD Specialty Clinic, we have Board certified physicians who diagnose and treat ADHD and highly skilled psychologists and marital therapists gifted in their ability to restore harmony to marriages affected by ADHD.

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If you don’t get help from us, seek help from someone.

Life and the future can be much brighter with treatment.

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